Monday, April 03, 2006

Day 256

Had a chance to work Sanity in an elevator again. This time she was much better about getting on, sitting when told and then getting off in what I would call an orderly fashion. From her overall behavior I can see I still need more work with her in dealing with the "moving room" idea.

Since the time change meant daylight in the evening the Monday and since it was reasonably warm outside the Monday class moved from the studio to the outside "wet ground" training area. Meaning we worked on the pavement rather than going out to where the training ring lives all summer. It was good and bad at the same time. There was a monster storm rolling in and all of us felt the pressure to "hurry up". Maybe I should wish for that sort of pressure more often because when it came time for Sanity to work her articles she whipped right out there and selected the correct one both times.

As we were finishing up the first big, fat drops of rain begin to splat and everyone made a dash for house or car. Class was over very abruptly and the storm that followed was full of much lightning, thunder, strong wind and a reasonable amount of rain. Personally, I would have been much happier to have had less display and more substance in the form of rain. Ah well, some rain is much better than no rain.

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