Sunday, April 09, 2006

Day 262

Sunday and no I didn't do a lick of training because I decided I just couldn't stand looking at Tyler one second longer. Downstairs we went, up on the table with him, out came the clippers, slicker brush, comb and scissors. Tyler had a new "do" roughed in. My plan of a complete grooming went out the window when I realized that what used to take me about 45 minutes now was taking almost 2 hours. My problem, not Tyler's. Tyler was a real trooper about the entire thing. We ended up with an nicely scissored rough cut, no bath, no fluff dry and no final finish. Even so, he does look better. Will take a picture in the morning and post it tomorrow.

Sanity and Tyler. Tyler and Sanity. See Sanity and you will see Tyler not too far behind. See Tyler and Sanity is at most just around the corner. The two of them are really getting stuck on each other. Talk about a Mutt and Jeff couple, they are too funny. It would never have occurred to me that she would take such a shine to him. Funny how she went from I hate him, get him outta here. To piss on you for staying to what we have now. Just goes to show, if you give them the time and you maintain the rules evenly, even the strangest matches will end up at least liking each other. Course this is way more than just a liking situation.

This afternoon while Tyler was up on the table getting his hair cut, Sanity was laying on the bed in the corner watching every step closely. Once he was on the floor, the first place he went was to her. She checked him over very carefully and then came over to me. I felt she was saying, "Am I next?"

So I accommodated her. Gently ran the slicker brush over her and then trimmed her whiskers. She, in turn went to the bed when Tyler was now laying and poked at him while he sniffed her. Then the two of them took off upstairs and outside. Amazing to watch.


  1. I'm thoroughly enjoying my two-terrier team. I came out of the back room with two dishes of food, and they were both sitting so nicely and watching me, without being told. I didn't have the right reaction, though: I went, oh my goodness! and the boy got up and approached me, but I made 'em both sit again before I set anything down. I can feed them together now, the only issue is that they each prefer the other's food. I think it's just because it belongs to the other; everything I give them, they trade. Maybe if I switch the dishes before I feed them, they'll switch back and eat the proper food?

    Everything that they do in unison just slays me. I wore them both out before I got tired of watching them chase the ball. Then all 3 of us napped. Oops. I was trying to wear them out before I left the house, but instead, I woke up to Pascal's "I'm so bored" whine.

    Now that I have a young one, I can see how other people mistake them for kids: they get into everything, they trade their lunches, they tease each other mercilessly, they're experts in manipulating human adults, they whine when they're bored, they don't have enough sense to come in out of the cold, and when they actually do what they know they're supposed to without even being told, you can't help but be in complete shock!

  2. See, we didn't lie. Life is merrier with a Yorkshire Terrier. I am so glad he is settling in and all is going well.