Thursday, April 20, 2006

Day 273

Tyler just loves to carry things around. While Sanity has been going through a phase where she keeps carrying everything into the house, Tyler has decided that everything needs to be carried OUTSIDE the house. She brings it in, he takes it out. It really is pretty funny, or maybe not.

This morning when I got up I couldn't find my slippers. So the search began. I knew were they were when I went to bed and also knew they weren't there now. The first slipper I located in Wrap's bed in the living room. I know Sanity didn't put it there since she is in jail and I know darn well Wrap sure didn't put it there. Must be Tyler. Great! I am now in possession of one slipper and on a hunt for slipper number two. In the meantime, everyone needs to go out, so I get out a second pair of slippers, put them on and head outside with all 3 dogs. It's just getting light out and that is the hardest time to make out things in the distance, but what is that thing I see on the ground?

Sanity happened to be the dog closest to it so, "Sanity, fetch that to me". She looks down, spots said object, picks it up and proudly brings it to me. And of course, I now have my missing slipper. Seems a certain someone, short, black and curly carried it outside to spend the night. Thank goodness it didn't rain. I am getting this uneasy feeling that once Sanity is out of jail the two of them are going to have a running battle going over this stuff in or stuff out. Bet it is going to be funny.

In class this evening Tyler did a nice full distance, full 3 minute sit/stay. He still has far to go on the down/down/stay. The group was practicing individual and group recalls and Tyler managed to hang in there and do a better than average job of listening for his name before deciding to move. We did a very little bit of heel work. Probably was the right amount for him but I sure wish I could have done more. He is a long way for getting it together as far as heel is concerned. Over all, it was a good class for him.

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