Thursday, April 13, 2006

Day 266

Day four and when I looked in her crate I swear she has scratched hatch marks on the wall. She does not like have to be leash walked in the front yard, she is not interested in chewing a bone, she is hard pressed to accept a morning biscuit. And this only day four. Oh my!!

Tyler is starting to get the idea in the sit department. It is also slowly dawning on him that when I do say, "Tyler, sit" I mean now, right where you are and don't move until I tell you what to do next.

Since I was scheduled to teach both classes and since Miss Sanity really isn't fit company, Tyler got to go to class all on his own. He also did his first sit/stays in front of the group. It is just easier for me to start them out in front of everyone else. That way I can correct as necessary and what we are doing becomes a good distraction for the other dogs.

Here is a picture of Tyler doing his best alert Doberman impersonation. Here he is doing his first sit/stay in front of the group. I consider this to be a great way to proof the stays.

For those of you who have been following this blog from the very beginning I'm sure you remember seeing a picture of Sanity doing the very same thing.

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