Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Day 271

Even I can't manage to stick to the jail and leash walking schedule. Poor Sanity, I know the lack of enough exercise is not helping her madness right now. So I made the mad dash with her from the porch to the kennel runs. The boys all want to just "be with her" and the girls just want to kill her. My how the dogs manage to mirror us in so many ways. For a large chunk of this day Sanity resided in the double run on one end and Lilly took up the big run at the other end. At least Lilly is pretty much done and most likely won't have to stay in a kennel as of tomorrow.

Went off to the chiropractor this morning. Seemed really strange to go without a dog, but this time t'was a dog responsible for my having to go. All that rug scrubbing following so close on the heels of lots of standing and bending while I groomed Tyler and my back was not happy with me. Not to worry, cause the good Dr. Loeb fixed me right up.

When I got home there was a package on my door step. The return address was Grays Lake, IL and the sender was someone named Red Blot Chilie Pepper. Strange, I think as I tear it open, I wonder what it is. I don't remember ordering something from such a place and I don't think I know anyone in Grays Lake. Once the package was open what should fall out but not one, not two nope there were a total of four pair of bitches britches. Each and every single one of them was made of a black fabric covered with red, yellow and green chili peppers.

There wasn't anything in the package to tell who this gift was from. When I went back and took a closer look at how it was addressed I saw it was addressed to Sanity Woods. Don't know who to thank so since I suspect it is a gift from a reader of this blog, I shall say thank you for your kindness. Tomorrow I promise to take some pictures of her in both pair of bitches.

Tyler wants her to stand still so he can pull them off. No, no Tyler...get outta here before you wake the fire breathing dragon.


  1. Pat McKinney2:23 AM

    Tyler is getting such an education about the way of the world! I wonder if he tells the others about it the next day? By the way, how is his house-training going? Has he been any easier to train than Sanity?

  2. My goodness, you do get right to the heart of the matter, don't you. Tyler has proven to be much easier to housebreak than Sanity. In truth, she has turned out to be one of the most difficult I have ever owned. With her, I sometimes think she doesn't even have a clue and other times I have no doubt that she darn will does know and is doing it on purpose to make a political statement of sorts.