Saturday, April 01, 2006

Day 254

April Fool and someone smashed out both the windows on the driver's side of my car. Yes, that really is the way I got to start my day. Here I am, pretty much dragging from the frenzy of the past few days and I get to start my day with having to call the police and report the vandalism to my car. Just another one of those totally random acts of violence. May the creeps that did it develop a serious case of boils and may all their children look like camels.

My first student cancelled due to illness. The second one showed up on time. The lesson went just fine on their part; however, on my side things weren't quite so smooth. Sanity was pretty much a jerk. Acting as if she had never, ever heard a single command to come, sit, down or stand. Heel? What's that? And never had she ever been told a single thing about the "place" business.

Luckily Diane was scheduled to teach the following two lessons, cause I very much doubt that Sanity and I would have done much more than just make a hash out of everything.

I had better sense than to even try to do any Sanity training. GAG! And finally the day drug to a close.

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