Monday, April 17, 2006

Day 270

Monday morning blues. Its raining and while this is vacation check out day for most of the dogs the fact remains that by the time all the day care dogs got here and had a chance to exercise a bit, I was stuck with 21 wet, smelly dogs.

Sanity lost her house privileges because of a stunt she pulled last night. Took her outside to potty and she just danced around, so since I was really tired I let her run in the back yard for a bit. Then when she came back in I put her new leopard spotted pants on and gave her some house freedom. Of course, since it was warm enough the office door was open. You are not going to believe what that nasty bitch did. She slipped back outside and took a shite in her britches. Then to make matters worse, she proceed to come back inside and shake. She shook in the office. She shook in the hallway. She left plops in the living room and splatters on the furniture in my bedroom.

How did I catch on to what was going on? Wrap told me. Or more to the point she roared at Sanity with such volume and anger I jumped up to see what was going on and almost stepped in the largest of the plops. I was barefooted. That bitch is going to die before this is over.

And so, I had to catch her, take her outside, peel off the nasty, stinking pants and dump the contents. Then the house had to be cleaned of all her splatters. She was back to sleeping in her crate again. Oh and while I was struggling to clean up the places on the run in the living room, she tried to sneak a stolen rawhide bone outside and got caught. My son took the rawhide from her and she turned right about and went to my bedroom doorway and pee'ed on the floor. Go to jail! Go directly to jail! Do not pass go. Do not even expect a dog bone much less $200.

Meanwhile, Tyler is struggling to try and learn his lessons rather than listen to the strange siren call coming from his former playmate. Poor Tyler.

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