Sunday, April 16, 2006

Day 269

Gag! I am beginning to think I will never master the trick of getting good picture of a black dog. These are shots of Tyler's haircut after his bath, fluff dry and finish cut.

The nasty dirty creamish colored thing to the left of Tyler is one of those $1,000+ mutts called a Goldendoodle. Why on earth people actually pay money for something like that and then claim it is because a Standard Poodle is too hard to care for is totally beyond my understanding. I'm including this shot just so you can get some sort of perspective of Tyler in reference to some of the other dogs in the yard. Tyler has gone from "Little Mr. Twinkle Toes" to "I'm Big Man on Campus". So please should you ever meet him in person, remember he thinks he is 30" tall and we want him to keep on thinking that way. And I still don't have either his tail or his topknot the way I see them in my head. Maybe next time.


  1. Pat McKinney2:36 AM

    He is so black, it's a wonder he wasn't named "Shadow," being the same color as the shadows of the other dogs in the pictures. Looks like a very good dog, structurally. I imagine he would do well in the conformation show ring. Will he be shown, do you think?

  2. Shown? With the show coat requirement there is no way that will happen, however we do plan on putting him in the obedience ring.

    As far as names go, there is no way I would have changed his name to Shadow and had he come here with that name I would have changed it. I already have two Shadows who come here for daycare, boarding and they are also in at least a couple of my group classes.

    There seems to be a serious shortage of dog names these days. The following come to day care and/or training and/or boarding:
    2 Shadow
    2 Sammie
    2 Sammy
    3 Jake
    2 Jack
    2 Max
    3 Charlie

    Nope, there is just no way I would be willing to have yet another same name dog. And people wonder why my dogs all have such unusual names.