Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Day 257

Tuesday brought a class with my smallest student right now. A six-month old Havanese pup with a delightful owner and an overall wonderful attitude. Since Sanity has been acting like such a miserable, bitchy, little bad attitude hound, I figured this was the perfect time to start Tyler as a demonstration dog. What a hoot, and most definitely not for the faint of heart.

Tyler had one goal in mind from the instant he laid eyes on the most fuffly little gal. He wanted her. He wanted her big time. There was nothing else in the world that matter quite as much has his managing to get to her. It was totally great! I literally held him back while we worked to teach little Sasha a recall command via the ecollar and then once she was coming straight and fast we turned them loose to chase, tumble and play all over the yard while we both worked on calling the back and then turning them loose again. The time flew by on wings and before we knew it, it was time to call a halt to the fun.

As part of the first lesson, Tyler helped me show how a dog or puppy for that matter can be taught to honor a gate or door by not dashing through it just because it is open. Little Shasa caught on to that rule quickly and then figured out how nice it can be to just walk somewhere in the general vicinity of her owner's left side on the way to their car.

The most funny and very satisfying thing was said to me by Sasha's owner as we headed back to the house so she could pick up the rest of her things. She said she had told her husband that I had said Sasha would be coming when called in 10 minutes or less and that they had decided either that if I was that bold about my promises, I must know something. Too funny! She then went on to say that when we first left the office to go out and start the training she had looked at her watch and when Sasha first started coming when called she looked at her watch again and it had actually only taken 6 minutes.

I'm really smarter than I used to be, cause I managed to keep my mouth shut and not say what I was thinking. See, I don't actually believe that pup was coming when called in 6 minutes. To me she was just starting to show some understanding and a willingness to pay attention. She still has a long way to go before she will meet my definition of "coming when called". Who knows? Maybe I am too strict in my definitions? Whatever. I do know a pleased owner and a very tired pup left here with a long homework assignment. Will be neat to see how the training progresses.

Sanity? Was she ever upset about my choosing Tyler over her. Bet she is going to be even more upset when she realizes I am choosing Tyler over her on a regular basis. I do so love setting up the work rivalries. Certainly does sharpen up their work appetites. Meanwhile, Sanity's "I'm in a snitt" attitude continues. Oh please, please let her season start soon.


  1. 257 days! Man where does the time go?
    Feels like just a couple of months.

    Best wishes to Sanity and Margot.

    I do peek in fairly often,

  2. Eric - Every day when I post the new material to the blog, I marvel at how fast the time seems to fly by. It seems like it was only yesterday that I was holding my breath and hoping to hear from Cathy that there really was a litter and it really did have a nice little red girl in it. Now we are approaching her first birthday.