Friday, November 04, 2005

Day 106

The very first thing that happened today is that Sanity got to meet and greet and deal with her very first up close and personal TODDLER. This one needs lots of training in the art of not squealing, screaming or hitting, but there is much hope. Meanwhile, Sanity studied her with great care and decided she probably wasn't too bad. Besides just how awful can even a very small human be if they are willing to throw a ball for you?

After all the dogs coming in for day care or boarding got settled it was off to do the normal Friday errands. A stop at the bank and then on to get nails done and hair cut. When we got there Sanity's rug wasn't in place as yet and even though Pam was already there, Sanity was not at all happy with the missing rug issue. Here is what she looked like right after the rug appeared.

We managed to work on the retrieve while waiting out turn. Then since this was also a hair cut day for me Sanity took a big step forward and stayed on her rug the entire time I was in another part of the shop getting my hair cut. Notice that she no longer needs to wear a leash. This is a good indication of how she is doing in the self-discipline and responsibility areas. She is doing pretty good a ignoring people when she has her vest on and is working.

And the rest of the day was just normal, routine stuff.

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