Monday, November 21, 2005

Day 123

Hung out with the Newfies this morning. They thought her clothing was pretty strange and managed to get it totally slimly. Sanity's clothing consisted of a sweatsuit I originally made for Wrap when Wrap was a puppy. Since they are no longer making sweatsuits like this anymore and since all the original ones have pretty much seen better days, it looks as if I will have to get busy and carefully tear one of the old ones apart, make a pattern and then make some new ones.

The tear apart, make a pattern and make a new one was how the puppy sweatsuit came into being to begin with when I realized I couldn't buy a new one for Wrap. Pictures will follow in a couple of days.

Class went well. She is definitely lunging for the dumbbell when it is placed at the 6 foot point. So I know we are slowly making progress.

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