Monday, November 07, 2005

Day 109

I missed it. Darn it! I totally missed a great set of pictures. Sanity and Leo spent about 20 minutes chasing up, down, around and over the mulch pile and then finally took off in a wild game of chase. I think Leo was chasing Sanity, but it was pretty hard to tell, what with Sanity doing loop-de-loops around him as the raced around the yard. It all came to a screeching halt when, while looking over her shoulder, Sanity ran full-tilt into Callie. Callie, who normally hates that sort of thing, just looked both surprised and amused.

Stays. Sanity does the down-stay without a single problem, but the sit-stay, oh my, the sit stay causes her no end of grief. Anything over a minute and she is sure she should be in a down position. The sit stay is going to take a lot more work, before I will consider it solid.

As for the Monday evening class, well let's just say that the class got to see exactly how to handle a willful refusal of a simple arm's length, placed retrieve. Goodness, I'm not at all sure just where that fight came from, but she sure was determined to not pick that dumbbell up in front of everyone. In the end, she did a nice pick-up, although her return was rather slow. I would much rather be dealing with these issues now than to wait until she is 30 pounds heavier and I am several months weaker.

On top of everything else, I think I over fed her today and her solution was to simply barf it all up. So now I have about 10 barf stain spots scattered around the living room rug. Don't know why I had to be so stupid as to increase her food by so much. Dumb me.

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