Saturday, November 05, 2005

Day 107

Considering how her appetite has increased again, I guess she is about to do another growth spurt. Hope so, cause right now she sure seems small for her age or maybe it is just that sister Leda is large. Didn't manage to get any pictures of the two of them together today, but will try to do so either next Thursday or Saturday. The difference is really quite a bit.

I really wanted to use her to demonstrate how to teach the figure 8, but that was not to be. Her heeling is way too sloppy as yet to allow her to do a proper figure 8. However, she was good a showing how to teach heeling on a curve and then Wrap was more than happy to come out and show how it is done correctly.

Unsatifactory as her figure 8 was, her demonstration of how to do the beginning steps of the place command were really impressive. (Note to self: really start working longer distances now.)

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