Thursday, November 10, 2005

Day 112

Used the time before class to gather a couple students with dogs working the retrieve at just about the same level of Sanity. We formed a triangle and all worked on the retrieve facing the center of said triangle. What a wonderful difference the group work makes. I know that. I have always known that, but sometimes the old knowledge just looks all bright and shiny new.

Sanity is still hanging back and not willing to return with the dumbbell unless she gets some sort of sign from me and she doesn't much care if it is positive or negative. I will just keep on plugging along since I know "this to shall pass".

The last third of the class was devoted to out-of-sight recall in a group as well as random sits and downs as a group. What a great way to sharpen up her response to sit and down at a distance and with distractions.

As for the out-of-sight recalls. It was really interesting to watch her enter the hallway at the far end and then systematically work her way from person to person. She checked each person by smell and quickly moved on to the next person. I had deliberately placed myself at the very back of the group so she would have to do some serious hunting. At no time did she ever show any signs of worry or thoughts of stopping. She remained cheerful and pleasant as she sniffed and rejected one person after another. She really seems to like games of this type. Will have to set them up more often.

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