Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Day 131

Tuesday. Started out the day with the usual stuff. Training mixed with yard work. Sadly my elbow as bothering me so much that while the dogs got worked the yard never did get finished.

After a rest, Sanity and I headed out to run some errands. Office Depot as our first stop would have been just a routine store but for the sliding automatic doors. Sanity thought they were quite interesting and from her behavior I'm willing to bet that one of these days, when she gets a chance I will catch her playing with a set of automatic doors. I remember when Wrap almost managed to get us both in trouble because she was playing with the automatic doors at a motel we were staying in. But that is another story.

The real kicker happened at, of all places or maybe not, Petco. I asked for help to carry a bag of food to the car. The cretin who was ordered to help me, just couldn't keep her hands off Sanity. Mind you I am not talking about a quick, sneak pat or two. Nope. I am talking about both hands on her and pulling back from the shoulders to the hips. Sanity just stayed focused on being beside me and didn't even turn her head.

I, on the other hand, all but freaked out. Here I am pointing to the symbol on the vest. And she says to me, "What's dat fur?"

"It means do not pet", says I.

"How cum?", says the person.

I point to the patch that says,

And as she is trying to reach Sanity to fondle her some more she says, "What's dat mean?"

Meanwhile, in the store the person who told her she had to help me is bent almost double with laughter. Realizing there was way more going on that meets the eye, I figured it would be best to just continue to block her hands and insist she pick up the bag of food, while at the same time getting Sanity loaded in the car and out of harm's way. So I took the coward's way out and "ran away". I really hate that store.


  1. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Margot: I have not seen that symbol for do not pet. I wonder who thought of that one?? The average Joe would not "GET IT". They don't even "get it" when it says "DO NOT TOUCH". I bet if it said "Do not distract my dog by petting", they still would not get it. Maybe they should invent a reverse e-collar that would give the person touching the dog a correction!!!

  2. The shoulder packs I use once the in-training part has been completed have a stop sign and the words PLEASE DON'T PET ME I AM WORKING.

    That doesn't work any better which was why I thought I would give the international DON'T symbol a try. I am going to go back to the symbol and the words since it makes me feel better, even though it doesn't really work any better.

    Sometimes I would just love to slug the offending person, but somehow I manage to refrain.

  3. I pay quite a bit extra for my dog (and cat) food to not shop at Petco or Petsmart. I feel good about it every time I pay the bill, too. They are just awful. Petco is the worst, and their prices aren't even that good anymore.

  4. Around here, Petco and Petsmart have pretty much managed to run all the independent stores out of business and on they are in the process of raising the prices and lowering the quality and choice.