Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Day

Everyone is always asking me what goes on here on a day that is a holiday, so these pictures give something of an idea. We got up this morning to a cold, dreary day, damp and still, the sort of day where first I have to all but "beat them out with a stick" just to get the dogs to go out in the first place. Then because it is cold, damp and grey no one can rest. The very weather itself conspires to force everyone to keep moving, keep active. Sure doesn't take long before they are all ready to head back in the house and take a long nap.

This first picture I call "Waiting for Godot". In weather like this I see a single dog in this pose pretty much all the time. They never share the platform when they are doing this particular activity.
This is just a general shot of the yard. Not all the dogs made it into the picture, but it does give some idea of just how they have to stay active in order to stay warm. Oh, how I hate it when the leaves are all gone, the trees are bare for another year and I feel so "exposed" to the rest of the world.
The next couple of shots are of one of the Rosies who happen to be here this weekend. There were actually three shots, one sitting, one stretching and one standing. She had been watching everyone else and finally decided to join in the activities. The shot of her sitting is missing because for some reason or another I couldn't get a single one of them to upload. Actually, uploading pictures the past couple of days has been a real PIA.

Here you can sort of get an idea of what Rosie was watching.

Study this shot. In it you see the Weimaraner and the big PoodleX stalking each other while at the same time Dobermans, Jersey and Sanity are in full pursuit of each other and just barely visible on the right hand side Wrap looks on with some disgust.

A short break is almost always guaranteed to get someone in trouble for either digging in an unapproved area or chewing on an unapproved object.
Even thought it is hard to see in the picture the object of their attention happens to be a ball and the problem they were having was what they were going to do with said ball. Carry it around, or bury it. Bury it or carry it around? Finally they just gave it up as a hopeless task and moved on to other things.
A serious game of "King of the Mulch Pile" was just about to start when I shot this picture. He really did seem to think he was guarding the mulch pile from a major take-over.
As you can see, in the following pictures the Mulch Pile Guardian was totally unsuccessful in preventing a take-over.

Finally there were small groups of two or three dogs at various points all over and around the Mulch Pile and they were all vying for the top spot.

The scuffle continues to rage.
It is beginning to look as if the tallest dog will rule this day.
Sanity took one last shot at the ruling position and lost her bid. For today, tall rules.

They all came in and took a long nap and then went back outside for another shorter play time. It was much colder and windy. Then in for dinner. Dinner was special since I cooked up a large pot of chicken pieces, cleaned the meat and skin off the bones and using the resulting broth cooked up a pot of rice. The chicken and rice with the additional broth got blended together and that became the major part of everyone's dinner. I sure didn't have any complaints about the food.

So you now have the highlights of what happens around here on what is a holiday for everyone else.

Happy Turkey Day to one and all.


  1. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Do believe the Joisey Goil was the attacking force, no?

    Steve Kuhn
    HH, NJ

  2. Yep! That be her, doing her very best to hold the top position. The mulch at that level is full of hidden holes. It shifted and she lost her advantage.

    Poetic justice if you ask me. More than likely she was the one to have dug the hole in the first place.