Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Day 111

She hates me. I just know she hates me. Or is it that at the magic six months mark she has decided I don't know anything and she knows everything.

I swear, with the exception of the recall, she wants to make a major production out of everything. Fetch? What is fetch? Never heard that word before. I realize this is the big wall and that on the other side is warmth and sunlight, but man is it hard to keep on plugging. Heel? Is that some sort of food group? Sit? Naw, I don't need to right now and besides which you said I wasn't supposed to do that in the house. Down? Not now, I'm not tired.

My suspicion is that she is trying to go on strike because of Jersey. She really doesn't like me working Jersey. Jersey is okay as a playmate, but she needs to stay stupid. Or at least, that appears to be what is going on. If I work Jersey first, when I then try to work Sanity it is a battle royal. If I work Jersey second, Sanity does her very best to get in the way. So we are now working on getting rid of the green demons as fast as possible.

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