Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Day 125

The day before Thanksgiving and the holiday boarders have already started pouring in. It is windy and quite cold outside and none of the dogs are really happy about being out. So this promises to be another of those days when I spend a great part of my time as the doorkeeper. In. Out. In. Out.

During one of the outs, I discovered I am starting to have a problem with part of the fence. Well, actually Sanity discovered the problem.
Seems a small tree that I thought was growing on the other side of the fences, is actually growing between the two fences. I will have to have the stockade removed, the tree cut down and then the stockade replaced. Bummer. I hate having to cut a single healthy tree, but I really do have to have double fencing in this area. So, byebye tree come spring.

Just general training done today. All little work on come, sit, down, stand and of course the ever present fetch.

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