Friday, November 18, 2005

Day 120

Friday. And just what sort of training did you do today?

Nothing. Nada. Not one single, blasted, tiny, little bit of training managed to get done today.

I hate cold weather. Went out to start training three different times and decided it was too cold. I wasn't dressed properly. Then, finally, I was dressed properly and I had on so many sweaters, vests, coat, hat, gloves that I could hardly move. On second thought, all the younger dogs learned that you DO NOT attempt to remove gloves from the cold hand that is trying to pet you.

Guess it is time to move the training inside again. UCK! I don't know how people who live in colder climes survive. My dream would be to be able to head for the Southern Hemisphere in November and then head for the Northern Hemisphere in March or April. That way I could just chase summer all year long. Sanity thinks that would be a fine idea.

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