Saturday, November 12, 2005

Day 114

Sanity actually was able to demo the beginning remote sit work. Great for both of us since I really need a dog who can show students just what the remote sit is all about and Wrap is really too tired to want to be bothered with having to do it. There was a time when she loved chasing out across the yard after a squirrel and doing a leap, spin, and land in a sit facing me. I just hope that some day Sanity will be able to do something similar.

Anyway, today she helped me show a couple of students how to get the entire process started. Being able to show that this was an exercise worthy of practicing in the house makes a difference in how much a student will work on getting a good response.

The retrieve. What can I say? We worked on it. She is still arguing about whether or not she is going to come back with the dumbbell. One thing I did discover is that a tap on the button coupled with a second fetch command after she has her mouth on the dumbbell will bring her back to me better than anything else. Interesting.

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